New Video Clip Of Far Cry 3 Revealed Additional Gameplay Contents

On October 19,2012; a new video clip about the game play of the long awaited first person shooter game Far Cry 3 which is scheduled to be released in Q1 of 2013, has been published on YouTube. The 14:02 minutes video clip reveal some game play and environmental details. It is already confirmed that the game is set on a pacific island just like Far Cry , the first of the game series. The hero, Jason Brody, got trapped while he came in this island to find his lost friends. The game tells about the struggle of Jason in the tropical island to set things right.


The first thing the clip revealed is the amazing location setup and light works of  tropical island. The graphic looks so amazing that it seems to be real. The first objective is to reactivate the radio and cellular signal on the radio tower. Player start from a neutral zone or safe heaven.There are two things that strikes my eyes. One is the game map exploration. the map turns complete blue while unexplored. As the the game progress the map reveals its contents upon explored. Another thing is it is best to go higher spot such as towers,hilltops etc. Then multiple sites can be explored at same time. Pistol and knife seems to be default weapon in this clip.

Another vital feature has been seen that animal hunting. Jason kills a goat first with bow and arrow and then two bears and a tiger with a hunting rifle or shotgun. That can be available randomly or as side missions called hunting missions. Oh ho, I forget to mention the feature related to hunting and crafting system. Players are now able to skin the hunted animals and use the skin to craft items. Here, in the clip, Jason uses goat skin to craft leather belts which is able to keep four additional items and weapons. Cool, isn’t it.More on that the video clip shows that bows and arrows has some new feature of its own. The normal arrow is ti shoot and kill stealthily. Fire arrow to set fire on object or enemies. explosive arrows are used as alternative to grenades.

There are also another another game play feature and that is using random resources. Players can collect any items from nearby household chores and use them. Not only that they can steal parking cars from house to travel to destination. There are two types of traveling system. Beside conventional traveling fast travel can be possible. The Missions seems to be capturing outpost.Each time you free an outpost it is added as your ally source. You can purchase items and weapons from here. take rest and heal yourself,plan tactics and so on.Here is also a intro of  new feature. Enemies can be spotted and detect by a camera belongs to Jason before strike. Every outpost has several alternative routes to infiltrate. Not only that outposts contain alarm boxes. If alarm is triggered, nearby petrol unit will come.So, Jason can lay traps, mines to repel the attack at the entry point. Jason is now able to do stealth killing, cover movements to avoid detection.

Upon release of the clip, it got over 1877 visitors in two days. The video clip is titled” Far Cry 3- New Sandbox Gameplay” . To Know more about Far Cry 3 , check our preview coverage.

Sources: Youtube, IGN

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