Nintendo 3DS Makes Huge Sales In Japan

When Nintendo released it’s 3DS device earlier, it was hailed as a potential failure by the critics. And it’s sales were also pretty slow, immediately after a good first week. But with time, the device has picked up a handsome number of sales and there are two main reasons: because this is holiday season and because Monster Hunter 3G is available on 3DS.

Monster Hunter is a Japanese favorite and it’s 3G version is the first fantasy action game available on 3DS. Naturally, Japanese have rushed to the stores to purchase the game and to play the game, purchase the device. In just two days, the game has been purchased 471,055 times!!! In this context, it isn’t surprising then that Nintendo sold more than 350,000 devices within the last one week. The number of devices Nintendo sold immediately after the launch were also more than 350,000 within two days. But then sales slowed down and critics became more cynic. But with the holiday season and chiefly because of the availability of Monster Hunter 3G, the sales have spiked yet again.

The future of Nintendo 3DS:
Nintendo also had to bring down the prices of the device to keep the sales going, especially when the sales tipped the lowest point very soon after release. The holiday season has provided the much-needed support for the device in terms of sales and for now, the device will sail smooth for another few days. In long-term, it’s hard to determine what future awaits for 3DS devices. However, if the device does manage to stay afloat for a longer time, Nintendo will profit hugely from it because it will then be the pioneering company in 3DS handheld game devices.

Image courtesy redoxkun.

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