Nintendo Achieves 5 Million 3DS Sales, Faster Than DS

Nintendo has taken a back-seat in the international market as smartphone devices and other innovations in the gaming world increasingly dominate the gaming industry. Specifically, Sony and Microsoft have pitched their devices with better enhancements and Nintendo seems on a rather back-step, at least on the global scale.  But it seems the company is still doing fairly well on the domestic front. According to Nintendo, it was able to sell 5 million 3DS units much faster than it sold the same amount of DS units in Japan, which necessarily indicates that things are still going right for the company in Japan.

The 3DS by Nintendo initially had quite a hard time. It wasn’t so big a hit as the company was hoping it to be, which clearly showed that 3D displays in themselves won’t be able to attract throngs of users. However, with a low of price-cutting and other concessions offered by Nintendo, the company was finally able to hit the mark of 5 million sales in Japan.

On the occasion, the company released a special press release eulogizing it’s own achievement and said that the 3DS console has been the fastest-selling console by Nintendo so far.

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