Nintendo Annouces $99 Wii U In Canada, Drops Wi-Fi Support

After the success of Wii U, Nintendo is planning to launch Wii U Mini at $99 this December. The release will be limited to Canada, at the start. This arrangement will be valid for the entire holiday season. Nintendo has not revealed any further plan regarding the device yet.


Although, the Wii U Mini is a bit ‘weird’ in design, compared to similar gaming consoles, the combination of red and black is very appealing. Its sleek for-factor would also appeal to many gamers.

The most odd quirk is, Nintendo Wii U Mini console does not have Wi-Fi support, and thus does not have internet connectivity. In a press conference, Nintendo confirmed that this console will not support Nintendo GameCube. However, theWii U Mini is designed to work with almost all Wii accessories.

Source: Forbes, BBC

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