Nintendo DS Lite Now At $99

Nintendo has just announced that its DS Lite handheld hasĀ  reduced retail price to $99. Nintendo DS originally released in 2006. This comes a week before the annual E3 expo in Los Angeles, and a week after the Nintendo Wii dropped its price to $150.Checkout more details bellow.
The DS Lite was always a well-received handheld, and was the last Nintendo portable to support Game Boy Advance cartridges, but it’s currently two generations behind. The Nintendo DSi, released in 2009, still sells for $150, and the Nintendo 3DS, released earlier this year, sells for $250.

It’s not surprising to see price drops on Nintendo hardware, especially since Nintendo’s sales have been on a decline and rumors of a console successor to the Wii continue to grow. We’re also tempted to question who would buy an older handheld, but the DS Lite arguably remains one of the best pure Nintendo portables on the market for those who buy used cartridges.
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