Nintendo DSi XL to arrive in a midnight blue avatar

Nintendo of America has announced that their Nintendo DSi gaming system will be splashed out in an all new midnight blue color scheme starting from July 11 next month.

The portable gaming system which is currently available in the colors bronze and burgundy will take on a new look for U.S. customers. Fans across Japan have been introduced to the blue, green and yellow versions so far. With rumors of an upcoming Nintendo 3DS showering tech world, we’re wondering if gamers are planning to hold on to those purse strings for a while.

The Nintendo DSi XL has two screens that are calculated to be 93% larger than the Nintendo DS Lite’s displays. It comes fitted with a pair of cameras apart from photo and sound manipulation functions. Brain Age Express: Math and Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, Flipnote Studio as also Photo Clock and the Nintendo DSi browser come pre-loaded with the DSi XL.

The midnight blue version of the Nintendo DSi XL is tagged at $189.99.

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  1. Ds karte

    I do not like it since I have a DSI, Wii might be great.

  2. Ds karte

    I do not like it since I have a DSI, Wii might be great.

  3. Anonymous

    I like the most Nintendo 3ds. Glad to know that Japan had announced new three colors in Nintendo 3ds. I am curious to get it in green color which is my favorite color. 
    r4 dsi

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