Nintendo To Launch 3Ds eShop And New Browser

June Nintendo 3DS update will add browser, online store eShop will be added with a firmware update on June 6th for North America and June 7th for Europe and Japan.Nintendo has now also officially announced that the update will hit Europe on June 7th and bringing with it’s eShop access and a web browser……….


Nintendo announced that the long awaited e-Shop and Internet Browser firmware update for the 3DS will be released on June 7 in Japan and the evening of June 6 in America, had been previously announced for the end of May.The update will add the 3DS eShop, the web browser and a number of new features and enhancements.E3, arguably the biggest of the annual gaming trade shows is set to kick off the next day in Los Angeles, Calif. That is also the day Nintendo will be holding its E3 presentation; the eShop will presumably be pretty barebones to start with, at least until the company makes its big announcements.It is unfortunate that 3DS early adopters continue to wait for features that were originally believed to be coming at launch. There are few marquee games available for the handheld, and those that are coming won’t start trickling in until summer has arrived.


Features :

  • Players will add the eShop to their 3DS systems through a software update that’ll also include the web browser.
  • Games will be split into various categories. These include DSiWare, 3DS Virtual Console and 3D Classics.
  • Nintendo will have Mario and Donkey Kong categories that include games featuring those respective characters.
  • The 3DS eShop will feature classic games from the original Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Sega Game Gear.
  • Nintendo and various publishers will re-master some of these games in 3D.
  • Confirmed for launch: Capcom’s Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version.
  • Confirmed games: Super Mario Land, Donkey Kong, a Legend of Zelda adventure.
  • The eShop will let players rate games using a five star scale.
  • Users will be able to access videos and screens of 3DS retail games and rate these titles using the same five star system.
  • Players can view the eShop’s best selling games.
  • They can also create their own Favorites list.
  • There will be game demos.
  • There will be an option to transfer DSiWare purchases to a 3DS. Nintendo will limit the number of times a person can transfer these games, but not the number of games transferred.


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