[Preview] “God of War: Ancension” Prequel To The Original Series

Kratos will be back in the 4th installment of God of War series next year. This time, it is not about his present but his past, way before he was the god of war and delved into conflicts with Zeus. This game will tell how he rise above from the pit of hell. If you want to peek into Kratos’s life, then you have to wait till next March. Before that, take a look at the preview of the game here.


The story behind God of War: Ascension starts when  Kratos’s breaks Ares’ bond and escapes to the underworld. The plot setting was just  six months after Kratos murdered his family. He traded his soul with Ares and now he has to defeat him to regain his soul. Just 10 years back, before the great battle of Zeus and Kratos begun, this is the first step of Kratos towards his legacy.

The new game is more fluid, dynamic and story oriented. Fighting is more tactical and immense with new combats and QTE moments. New enemies like Charybdis-sea beast and Elephantaur  have been included. More characters have been introduced. It is also ensured that all weapons of Kratos will also be included except Zeus’s Blade of Olympus- the ultimate weapon of Kratos used in earlier God of War games.

This game is shorter than the previous games of the series. Prompt mini games and puzzles is introduced to the game. Kratos has new boons and powers, such as power to freeze enemies. In multi-player mode, 8 players can play the game simultaneously. They have to fight to establish one of four deities – Zeus, Hades, Ares or Poseidon – by exchanging their soul. Depending upon the blessing of individual soul, the players will have different set of attack style and powers.

God of War : Ascension was first declared at E3,2012. SCE Santa Monica Studio is the developer and Sony Entertainment is the publisher of the game. Todd Papy is in-charge of direction of the game. The script was written by Marianne Krawczyk. Tyler Bates and Timothy Williams has done a great job in composing lively background music. The game  uses rebooted version of God of War III engine. the game has been developed exclusively for PlayStation 3 platform. God of War : Ascension is going to be released on March 12, 2013 in USA. The next day, it will  debut in Europe.

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