PSN Was Down For Few Hours

Sony’s PlayStation Network was experiencing an outage affecting users of the service around the world and an error message appears when attempting to log in to PSN: “An error has occurred. You have been signed out of PlayStation Network. (8002A548).” I think bringing down PSN once more would be a major achievement for the millions of hackers out there and it’s possible that one of those attacks finally succeeded in getting through……………..


The PlayStation Network was recently down and Sony is aware of the fact that this unannounced downtime is affecting the network’s users and has since issued a statement via the European and US PS Blog’s Twitter accounts. They don’t give any specific reasons for the downtime, nor an actual time frame for when the service will be restored.


The EU post reads:

We’re aware that PSN is currently unavailable and working with the technicians to find out when it will be restored. Apologies.

While the US one says:

We’re aware that some of you are having issues trying to log into PSN. We’re working to resolve the issue, and we’ll update you here.


The EU twitter has provided a rather bleak update:

PlayStation Network engineers are working hard on restoring the service. However, we have no news on when it will be back online.

Update 2:

Europe’s Twitter has updated again:

Current indications are that we’ll be restoring PlayStation Network services in approx. two hours. We appreciate your patience.

Update 3:

The US Twitter has confirmed the network is back online, and we can confirm it’s back in Europe:

PSN update: If you encountered issues logging in today, try logging in now. Apologies for the inconvenience!

With all of the great content that has just been released on the PlayStation Store, it’s a shame gamers will have to wait until the service is back up before they can get in on all of the fun.



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