Nintendo Starts Selling Refurbished 3DS, DSi XL In US

For those avid gamers who have long been waiting to get their hands at refurbished 3DS units, here are some good news. Nintendo has finally started offering refurbished 3DS and DSi XL units in North America.

Nintendo 3DS

If you want perfect looks, you may not be very happy with the refurbished 3DS. Some of them may feature ‘minor cosmetic blemishes.’ But Nintendo promises that each of these units is cleaned, tested and inspected in detail by the company to ensure that it offers perfect functionality.

Compared to standard 3DS and DSi XL units, the refurbished pieces are a lot more affordable. The Metallic Rose or Midnight Blue DSi XL costs a mere $99 while if you want a 3DS in Midnight Purple or Aqua Blue shade, you will have to cough up $169. As an added bonus, you also get to have the ‘Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D’ game together with 3DS. These units are available on Nintendo’s online store.

Gamers in North America can also rejoice in the fact that for now, Nintendo has no plans of offering a similar deal in other regions such as Europe. So refurbished handhelds deal from Nintendo is available only in North America. Nintendo “currently have no plans and have made no announcements for this type of activity in Europe.”

Also, since these 3DS units are region-locked, you won’t be able to carry them from North America to, say, Europe, without having it unlocked. The best that European gamers can do is wait.

Courtesy: Eurogamer

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