Retina Ready ‘Mass Effect: Infiltrator’ Comes To The New iPad

Mass Effect franchise has been one of the most wildly popular games of our times, especially so among iOS users. The good news for iOS users is that if you happen to be among the lucky ones to have you new iPad by now, a Retina-ready Mass Effect Infiltrator is here for you. And the best part is that it is not a rehash of an earlier release. Rather, it’s an all new chapter with an all new mission.

The ‘Mass Effect: Infiltrator’ release for the new iPad is more of a parallel release which comes nearly at the heels of Mass Effect 3. It is not surprising that the developers of the game thought it apt to release a Retina-ready version of the game given the fact that Apple sold three million new iPad tablets in the first three days and the new iPad user base is expanding wildly.

In this original chapter which is being released exclusively for the ultra-high resolution Retina display of the new iPad, you get to play the role of Cerberus Agent Randall Enzo. The story is that the agent turns on the company when it continues experimenting on aliens without any limits to it. Now, given that background, your task during the gameplay is to fight your way off the Cerberus base. And then, you have to deliver the evidence regarding experimentation to Alliance.

For the Retina version, you get to have a number of RPG elements during the game play, such as the option to buy and customize a number of weapons. And the best part is that if you are already on Mass Effect 3, you can carry your points to Mass Effect Infiltrator and improve your Galactic Readiness Rating.

With the kind of graphical experience the new iPad offers, you are sure to have a pretty mind-blowing gaming experience on the tablet when playing Mass Effect Infiltrator on it.

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