Sierra Adventure Games Coming to the iPad

Martin Kool of has made a hobby of porting many of Sierra’s older adventure games to the web, and now he wants to make those same games work especially well on the iPad.Currently, nine of these classic adventure games including the Kings Quest series, a Leisure Suit Larry game, and others are playable on his web site

This all would be cool enough by itself, but Martin is hard at work on the final touches of adapting his web game engine that all these games run in to be (as he put it) “a real kick-ass iPad experience”. When finished, these games will have their own special URL’s users will be able to navigate to, then save as icons via the add to home screen functionality that already exists on the device without any jailbreaking, emulation, or anything else. is an outstanding tribute to these old school adventure games, and if all goes as planned, the site will have iPad friendly versions of the included titles within a month.

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