Simraceway Makers Gathered $5 million In Funding To Challenge WOW’s Financial Success

Ignite Game Technologies announced recently that a third round of financing closed successfully with $5 more millions added to the vaults. The San Francisco based company managed to gather so far close to $17.5 millions, after two rounds of founding in 2010 and 2011, meant to help the development of the company owned Simraceway.

The racing game, designed to completely changes the rules of this kind of games, was released as a beta version last November and users were enthusiastic not only about the game but also the unique gadget that came with it a shortly after, the Simraceway™ S1 Steering Wheel. The free game delivers a new experience with racing games, with advanced graphics, accurate physics, the availability of a virtual fleet of modern and historic race cars and much more.

“Live every second of the action with real-world tracks and simulation-grade driving physics developed by the world’s top racers,” says Ignite to encourage the gamers experience the racing game. Id the adrenaline of the virtual race is not enough, Ignite organizes Simraceway competitions as paid entry events that offer real cash prizes .

“Simraceway is still at an early stage in its development but it’s already experiencing unprecedented interest and consistent growth,” explained Dave Marrs, the new addition to the Ignite’s board of directors. “We view the popularity of the game not only as a reflection of the long-predicted explosion in online gaming, but also as a testament to the bold and innovative strategy pursued by Ignite’s team,” he also explained.


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