Sony Cuts Down The Price Of PS Vita In Japan

Sony’s PS Vita packs fairly impressive specs and is, overall a good gaming hardware. However, the sales of the console have been rather poor over the years, especially because of the popularity of iPhone and iPad now post a direct competition to it. Now, Sony has announced that it is slashing down the price of PS Vita in Japan.

PS Vita

The move may also be meant to gain some momentum for the company which is reportedly right on the verge of announcing its next-generation game console. The price cut is fairly substantial, amounting to nearly 20% and bringing the price of PS Vita down to $215. The price cut for the 3G+Wifi model is even more substantial, 34% to be exact.

Although PS Vita packs a whole host of features such as a high-res touchscreen, cameras in the front and the rear as well as cellular connectivity, it has registered poor sales since its launch back in 2011. That may also be reason for the price cuts, with Sony trying to bolster its sales.

The next game console from Sony, touted by many as ‘PlayStation 4’ is expected to be announced in a Feb 20 event that is being hosted by Sony. The company’s last game console release has been a while ago, so the gamers are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the new console.

It is expected that the new game console will feature better internet graphics, a more powerful chip and also the ability to stream PS3 games straight from the internet. In other words, Sony is positioning itself for better cloud-based gaming in the coming days.

Courtesy: Apple Insider

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