Sony Files Patent For EyePad, A Possible PlayStation Controller

The world is eagerly waiting for Sony to lift the wraps off its upcoming game console. The event is just around the corner, with Sony expected to announce it at its NYC event tomorrow. Meanwhile, the company has filed for ‘EyePad’, which looks like a possible PlayStation controller.

Sony EyePad

The ‘EyePad’, which may only be a patent and not an actual product yet, is not one of your run-of-the-mill console controllers. Rather, this one packs quite an intriguing punch. EyePad is essentially a wireless controller which comes with a touch-sensitive interface.

It is equipped with dual cameras as well as motion sensors, which allows it to determine its own movement as well as location with respect to the user and other objects. The stereoscopic cameras that are sprinkled all across its edges enable it to determine the motion of any object right above its surface.

Citing an example scenario as to how EyePad may be used, Sony’s patent says, “The depth maps from the two stereoscopic cameras describe the location of points on the surface of the user’s index finger within the common volume, and hence it is possible to calculate whether those surface points coincide with the surface model of the virtual EyePet. This gives the user the precision to stroke the EyePet’s ear, tap its nose, tickle its tummy, or otherwise interact with it in very specific ways, and moreover to do so for whatever arbitrary position or orientation they are holding the EyePad in.”

Sony does make a few mentions of PlayStation within the patent filing. Some may take that as a hint that the company has plans of launching the controller eventually for its PlayStation 4 console.

Source: Sony patent

Courtesy: CNET

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