Sony Plans Online Game Streaming For PlayStation

It is being reported that Sony will add game streaming feature in its next PlayStation. The Wall Street Journal has confirmed the news, citing people familiar with the development. This feature, along with some new ones, will bolster PlayStation’s position in the market.


The streaming service, WSJ reports, will be launched soon and will support PS3 titles to be played in PlayStation 4.

However, cloud-based gaming has a lot of other facets to it. While for now, it helps the users access game titles at a few clicks, online games streaming may become critical, and even essential, in the coming days. That is because console vendors wish to trim down the size of their hardware and in doing so, they may eventually discard the optical drive. Once that happens, cloud-based computing may be the most efficient alternative to provide the users with game titles.

In the past, not all game streaming services have succeeded. But over the recent years, we have seen that the success of an online service primarily depends upon the kind of content it offers – and Sony has some wildly popular PS3 game titles, which significantly improves its chances shall it choose to launch the cloud-based gaming initiative.

Source: WSJ

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