Sony-PlayStation Network Resumes This Week; No Evidence Found Of Stolen Credit Cards

In a press conference Sony has confirmed that they have found “no evidence” of stolen credit card details so will resume some PlayStation Network services while increasing security on its servers.

At a press conference in Tokyo this afternoon, Sony gaming division head Kazuo HiraiKazuo Hirai announced that:

* There is still no evidence PlayStation Network (PSN) credit card data was obtained, but it cannot be ruled out
* There is a high probability that personal information was taken, including usernames, passwords in encrypted form, names, addresses, birthdates and email addresses
* Some PlayStation Network gaming services will come back online this week, with full service (including music, TV and movie downloads) resuming “mid May”
* The security breach, which prompted Sony to take the network offline, was the result of a “criminal cyber-attack” on a San Diego data centre
* Selected software will be available under a welcome back programme
* Sony would create a Chief Information Security Officer position in response to hack
* Sony has called in the FBI to help investigate network intrusion

This attack on Sony by hackers have now caused PSN and Qrioicity to be moved to new data centers with advanced security involving enhanced encryption, additional firewalls, automated software monitoring. Sony has also argued all users to change their passwords.

Sony in the days ahead will resume some of its PSN service again including Qriocity music service, movie rental service, online gameplay and offer affected users with a 30-day subscription to PlayStation Plus.

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