Sony VP Admits Sony Could Have Done Better With PlayStation Move

The chips are down in the game console industry and it seems that Sony hasn’t made a lot while the time was ripe. The stats emerging from different sources and Sony’s persistent silence over the sales of its PlayStation Move controller reveals that things aren’t very rosy with the company. And now Sony’s VP has admitted that the company ‘could have done a much better job’ with the sales of the peripheral.

According to a recent announcement from Sony, it was revealed that the company has shipped 10.5 million PlayStation Move controllers. However, what is very significant is the fact that company didn’t reveal exactly how many of these shipped units have been sold. In contrast, Microsoft’s motion sensor is doing a great job and pretty much flying off the shelves with the company claiming to have sold 18 million units already.

It seems like Sony didn’t tie the peripheral with enough games to make it a must-have or even one that may intrigue a lot of users. Fergal Gara, Sony’s VP said so during a recent interview. According to him, Sony didn’t do well enough on ensuring the availability of many Move-enabled gaming titles. The result of such a strategic mistake is that not many PS users are very interested in buying the Move controller since they don’t really see the point of it.

However, Gara also stated that Sony still has great hopes with the device and expects a better future for it. However, with Nintendo’s Wii U hitting the shelves by the end of this year, Sony has a very slim window of opportunity.

Image courtesy William Hook.

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