Sony’s PlayStation Orbis May Come In 2013 With No Support For Used Games

Two major players of the game consoles industry, Microsoft and Sony, have been fairly mum about when their next game console will definitely be unveiled or regarding the major specs of their next release. Now, it has been claimed that Sony’s next game console will be named ‘Orbis Vitae’ and that it is slated to be launched during holidays 2013.

We may have thought that Orbis was a codename but the name, in itself, seems to be the real deal. ‘Orbis Vitae’ means ‘circle of life’ in Latin. So it feels that Sony may have gone for the whole term for the actual console, rather than codenaming it thus.

As far as the specs of this rumored console are concerned, reports have it that it will come with an AMD x64 CPU and AMD Souther Islands GPU. This AMD GPU will be able to output content at a whooping high resolution of 4096 x 2160. That’s precisely the range of what are considered 4k resolutions. It is worth noting here that Sony is already testing up 4k resolutions to be implemented elsewhere such as in its home theatre projects.

Another important part of this report from Kotaku is that with the release of Orbis, the games for the console will be available as PSN downloads or Blu-ray discs. Also, with Orbis, Sony will be locking titles to PSN accounts which is essentially to put an end to used game market.

Image courtesy PseudoGil.

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