Sony’s PS4 Is Still In Development, CEO Reveals

During its recent PlayStation 4 event, Sony revealed the detailed specs of the upcoming game console as well as a whole list of features and games that would be available on it. However, we didn’t catch any glimpse of the console itself. Now, Sony’s CEO, Jack Tretton, has revealed that PS4 is still in development ‘in terms of specs and final design.’

Sony PS4

It certainly sounds a tad bit odd for a company to host an entire event about a product that isn’t even ready yet. However, it makes sense for Sony who claims that the specifications it is offering in the new console are far more important that its looks.

For a quick recap, the PlayStation 4 will pack 8 AMD Jaguar CPU cores together with 8GB of RAM and PlayStation 4 Eye camera. It comes with build-in hard drive, DualShock 4 controller and a whole host of new features that weren’t there in PlayStation 3.

Naturally, avid gamers are already excited even if the actual console is still under the wraps. Commenting on Sony’s decision to reveal the details of the device and not its looks, Tretton stated, “You certainly look at it when you insert a disc, but for most people, it’s behind a cabinet or on a shelf somewhere and you spend all your time looking at the screen. And we wanted to show people the screen.”

The good news for the gamers are that PlayStation 4 will not be priced as high as PlayStation 3 when it was first revealed. PS3 carried a price tag of a whopping $599 but Tretton hopes that the price point for the new game console will be lower.

Courtesy: The Verge

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