THQ Will Release ‘Company Of Heroes 2’ Details On May 7th

While a lot of tech companies tend to keep cover on their upcoming releases until of course the last moment, some are definitely not so good at it. For instance, THQ earlier told us that ‘Company of Heroes 2’ will land at machines the next year. However, the UK version of PC Gamer was able to reveal a number of other details about the game.

The details revealed by PC Gamer shows how the sequel of the game is set in 1941 with the user getting to control the Soviet Army during World War II. From what it appears, THQ hasn’t made any significant changes in the mechanics of the game and all the focus of the developer have been on introducing newer scenarios to the gameplay.

The game will also be featuring a number of new vehicles, such as the T-34S Tank. The lack of the new mechanics in the game may be a disappointment for some users but lets hope that all-new story makes up for it.

Also, despite the leaks, THQ seems quite unperturbed and has announced that it will be announcing more details on the game on May 7th. According to the company’s spokesperson, ‘THQ looks forward to sharing more details soon.’

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