Video Game Sold for “a penny”

The fans of the popular video game Championship Manager are been offered a deal by the developer Eidos they can hardly resist. The game is on sale for only “a penny” with a £2.50 transaction fee until 10 September.

It is the first time that a pay-what- you-want model has been tried with videogames, said the developer.

UK rock band Radiohead used a similar sales strategy in 2007 with its album In Rainbows.

A survey found that nearly two-thirds of downloaders paid nothing for the album.

The new game will be available to download until 10 September, when the price will rise to £29.99.

Additional content for the game will be sold throughout the year, costing £5 for six updates.

“This is the first time an initiative like this has ever been tried in the videogames market,” said Roy Meredith of Eidos.

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