Xbox One Dashboard Seen In Leaked Video

Xbox One is yet to hit the markets and so far, Microsoft hasn’t shown Xbox One dashboard to the public yet. But a new leaked video now shows off Xbox One console, controller as well as the dashboard screen, giving us the first actual peek at it.

Xbox One dashboard

The video has been posted to YouTube by a user Jackson Carter. Running the length of two minutes, the video has apparently been recorded with a shaky cam and isn’t exactly high-quality. However, it is still very significant because it is among the first videos where we have been able to get a real look at Xbox One dashboard.

Not only that, the video also shows off a preview of how games and videos can be played in parallel through the Xbox One dashboard. The uploader has noted that the console still has a lot of bugs, which hints that it is probably a part of Microsoft’s beta program comprising of the internal testing of the console.

The official date of the release of Xbox One is November 22, which means that the company still has a lot of time to figure out the bugs, test the console and improve the interface as well as the hardware. The overall interface of the dashboard is in line with the metro-interface that Microsoft has popularized through Windows 8.

Interestingly, the video has been removed from YouTube. This essentially hints that it was original and did indeed afford us a glimpse at the real dashboard of Xbox One.

Courtesy: The Verge

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