Xbox One Has Been Built To Last Ten Years

Microsoft’s upcoming console, Xbox One, has been making a lot of headlines of late. Whereas the company has focused on entertainment in the new console, Microsoft has also taken many wise decisions regarding its hardware. Apparently, Xbox One has been created with the intent of making it last for ten years, even when powered on.

Xbox One

In the past, a number of original Xbox units were reported to have run into failures over time. Apparently learning from this lesson, the company decided to include rather low-power hardware which is well integrated and cooled, so that no untoward failures arise in the long run.

With these hardware integration changes, Microsoft plans for the Xbox One units to last ten years without any failure, even when they are turned on at all times. This is a rather ambitious goal but the company seems hopeful that it is realistic.

The new console packs a huge fan and a good heat sink, to ensure perfect internal cooling. However, at the same time, the console is much quieter, compared to the original Xbox. This makes a lot of sense given the fact that Microsoft doesn’t want Xbox One to be just a noisy game console, but rather intends to make it the center of different forms of entertainment, and an integral part of the living room.

Of course, only time will tell how Xbox One will fare in the long run and whether or not it will be able to live up to the ten-year life expectancy.

Courtesy: Extreme Tech

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    Well, isn’t that nice…

    What other things can Microsoft come up with to produce more meaningless news?

    In 10 years, you can park your car inside of a box that size…

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