Xbox One Priced At $399, PlayStation 4 At $349, Says Analyst

Microsoft recently unveiled its next-generation game console, Xbox One. During that launch event, Microsoft shied away from divulging the exact pricing and availability details of the new console. But an analyst of Wedbush Securities has now claimed that Xbox One will carry a price tag of $399.

Xbox One

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter has rolled out his estimates of Xbox One’s pricing. He has pegged the estimated price of the console at $399, which is not very unexpected, given the fact that when Microsoft launched Xbox 360 premium edition, it was also priced at $399.

Interestingly, Pachter has also stated that the estimated price of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 will be $349. In other words, PlayStation 4 is expected to be $50 cheaper compared to Xbox One.

Unlike Microsoft, Sony’s past consoles have been rather pricey and the company is expected to launch the PlayStation 4 with a rather low price tag. Pachter further notes that Microsoft will be able to offer different subsidies to Xbox One users since the console will also serve as an entertainment hub. In this regard, Microsoft can secure deals with television operators to offer different entertainment packages to Xbox One users at highly discounted rates.

Currently, PlayStation 4 is not as steeped in non-gaming entertainment as Xbox One. Nonetheless, Sony can change this by dishing out a firmware update and offering even more entertainment options on its new console. If Sony does that, it might be able to offer similar discounted entertainment offers to the users of PS4.

Courtesy: CNET

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