German Company Releases $12 Ebook Reader – Beagle

A German company, named txtr, has launched the cheapest e-reader in the world. It’s called Beagle, and the price is so low that you may think we are joking. The price of the device is only 10 euros (roughly $12). The display size of the e-reader is 5-inch and it’s thickness scales to 5mm only. It won’t be wrong to say, Beagle is the world’s cheapest and smallest e-reader.

TxtrBeagle cheapest ebook reader/

The main reasons for such a low price are that the device does not have any touchscreen or Wi-Fi connectivity or fixed rechargeable battery. It doesn’t come with a USB based data transfer interface either. Instead, it comes with Bluetooth for easy transfer of data. The underlying logic? People always carry their phones; so they can easily beam e-books from their phone to the Beagle using Bluetooth. The ebook reader has a limitation in this front, though. Initially, Beagle will only pair with Android devices. However, txtr plans to ad support for iPhone, iPad and computers, soon.

The Beagle’s weight is 128 grams (with batteries); 111 grams (without batteries). The recommended battery types are AAA, 1.5V lithium, alkaline batteries or NiMH rechargeable batteries. You can read 12-15 books per year with normal use. The device has 4GB memory. And, its dimensions are 140 mm x 105 mm x 4.8 mm.

Courtesy: TXTR

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