Glove One: Cellphone In Your Hand Gloves

Glove One’s design is prototype that makes a point about the future of technology. Artist Bryan Cera has designed this wearable hand gloves cellphone. Bryan Cera’s Glove One is not the first wearable cellphone device but its beautiful sleight design is more comfortable than previous models. Imagine, you will have cell-phones as part of your body. Glove One is designed and manufactured using parts from a 3D printer and and a wristwatch cellphone.

Glove One

Glove One has a SIM card slot. Its features joint fingers that have physical dialing buttons on their undersides. When you are wearing it, you simply dial in the number you want to call using the buttons, then hold the glove up to your ear using your thumb and pinky finger as the speaker and microphone, respectively. You can charge it by using a USB.

This project is a part of a series titled Gadgets for Remembering the Future, which showcased as part of the UW-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts MA/MFA thesis exhibition.

Source: Theverge

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