How To Unlock Characters In Smash Ultimate

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the fastest-selling game. In this game, all past Super Smash Bros. fighters join the battle. Every single one! Furthermore, there are more than 100 stages! Returning stages have been powered up and every stage has Battlefield and Final Destination versions.

There are so many fun elements in Smash Ultimate. Some elements will be there right from the moment you start playing the game, such as 700 Music Tracks and 103 Stages.  On the other hand, there are elements that will not be available right from the moment you start playing the game. You will need to unlock these elements by playing the game and reaching certain Play Times. Such elements include the Fighters, the game hosts a total of 74 playable characters of which only 8 are unlocked at the moment you start playing it. All the character are from the 64 Original Nintendo games, which include Mario, Donkey King, Kirby, Pikachu and many more.

So, how do you unlock the fighters? You unlock characters by reaching certain Play Time Goals. The first character will unlock after 8-10 minutes of Play Time. To see both “Play Time” and “Smash Bros. Powered Time Count,” from the main menu go to Vault>>Records>>Stats.

As soon as you reach that Play Time, you will hear a siren sound and the silhouette of the fighter will appear. Don’t worry about missing out on Character Unlocks, even if you are inside a battle, after you finish it and navigate out of the post-game stats recap, the ‘A New Fe Has Appeared” window will appear.

  1. Do not play another match when you face the challenger.
  2. Instead, hit the Home button on your Switch controller to navigate back to the main menu, press X to quit the software, and confirm.
  3. Reopen the game.
  4. Create a new ruleset with a stock of one.
  5. Play that match with your favorite fighter, and after you go through the postgame stats menu, a new challenger should approach for unlocking. (Protip: Play with a “human” opponent again, and then have them walk off the map as soon as the match starts.)

Wrapping Up!

Repeating this method should eliminate the need for a Play Time of 10 minutes before you can unlock your next Fighter. However, do remember that these “Challenger Approaching” fights will not trigger if you are playing in Adventure Mode.

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