HP May Soon Start Selling 3D Printers

HP has been considering a jump into the fray of 3D printing. The company has now hinted as much by saying that it has a major 3D-printing related announcement coming up in June this year.


3D printers and 3D printing have exponentially declined in costs over the past few years. This is precisely why there is an entire industry out there, of companies and numerous startups, offering 3D printers to businesses as well as common consumers.

But this is probably just the start of 3D printing. As hardware costs are driven down further, these printers may become more accessible for the consumers, opening up a huge market of potential buyers. The real money, however, is going to be in the enterprise space.

According to HP’s CEO Meg Whitman, the company has been working on 3D printing for quite some time now and has solved many complex problems related to it. She further said that the ‘bigger market is going to be in the enterprise space’ which indicates that HP may want to go after an enterprise-oriented offering of 3D printers come June this year.

With the kind of infrastructure and presence that HP has around the globe, the company can certainly become a success at a still-budding arena like 3D printing. If HP does launch itself into the 3D printer industry, this may give many recent 3D printer startups a run for their money. The biggest impact will be on such startups which offer 3D printing technologies to enterprise clients.

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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