I-O Data has released a new 2.5-inch external hard drive, the I-O Data HDPA-UT. It is available in 500GB and 1TB of capacity.

The feature of the I-O Data HDPA-UT drive is provides two ports: MiniUSB to connect computer via USB 2.0 interface and MicroUSB for USB 3.0 interface.

Dimensions of I-O Data HDPA-UT are 128 x 75 x 14 (500GB) / 17 (1TB) mm. It is comes in two flavors – white and black. The bottom of the disc is covered with rubberized material, which prevents sliding on an inclined surface.

The cost of I-O Data HDPA-UT external HDD in Japan is 12,500 Yen ($152) and 17,800 Yen ($216) respectively.

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