IFA 2009: Gadget world gathers in Berlin

After the CES in USA the gadget world has gathered in Berlin to show of the latest gizmos for consumers.

The event which started on 4 September and will end on 9 September is a big stage for consumer electronics companies to show off their latest offerings. And, this yer is no different from previous years.

The global economic meltdown may last a bit longer but the consumer electronic companies are rolling out new products like ever. From new technology TV sets to ultra-thin notebooks, every consumer electronic product is on display.

The heated topic of this years IFA is 3D TVs. As the sells figure of LCD TVs have already passed its peak companies are going after the new rebuffed technology of 3D televisions. Most of the large companies are showing their own 3D TV technology. When some of them are putting their weight on this technology, some are also taking a conservative stand.

Apart from 3D TV, OLED TV is also a major eye catcher in the event. The concept of robot nurses introduced by iRobot has also gained heated talk.

To find out more visit the IFA website or CNET News.

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