IFA 2009 pushes greener future

The official color of IFA 2009 at Berlin maybe red, but the companies exhibiting there have chosen to show of their greener side as they prepare for the EU energy conservation law that will take effect from 2010.

The EU energy conservation legislation which will be in effect from January requires electronic appliances to consume no more than 1 watt of power. this threshold will be reduced to 0.5 watt in 2013.

Companies have paired innovative technology with vast exhibits of electronic wonders at the IFA, which is the world’s oldest electronics fair, in an effort to boost their environmental credentials.

Japanese firms Fujitsu and Sony are showing off zero watt PCs, with Fujitsu displaying its patented ProGreen ESPRIM0, which uses no energy when on standby or in off-mode, on a huge Monitorbaum, a tree made of monitors.

In Sony’s energy-efficient area is the Bravia Eco TV WE5, which uses back-light technology to keep energy consumption down. Also on display is the VA10 NW series computer, which has the option to turn off the display when playing music to conserve energy.

The German Environment Ministry is also participating at the fair with a display to show consumers how many appliances continue to eat up electricity after they are switched off.

“We want people to know how much appliances cost for doing nothing,” said Clemens Hoelter, the director of environmental group No-Energy, which is working with the government to promote energy efficiency.

The hands-on exhibit allows people to measure the energy consumption of various appliances and also shows helpful gadgets that help lower energy bills, including extension cables with foot-off switches and a zero-watt battery charger.

The display is itself energy efficient.

“We’ve only used LED lights,” said Hoelter, proudly pointing upwards. “It means the whole stand can be lit using only 300 watts.”

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