iPad Jailbroken After One Day On The Market

After a mere one day after its launch, news has reached us that the iPad has already been jailbroken. Even by most jailbreaking standards, that was really quick. This goes to show us and Apple just how smart and resourceful those jailbreakers out there really are.

The break was completed by well-known iPhone Dev-Team member MuscleNerd, who revealed today that he was able to jailbreak the JesusPad after a mere 24 hours of tinkering (so, we can tinker with the iPad?)

According to him, the feat is a variation on “Spirit,” the jailbreak used on iPhone OS 3.1.3. Like that jailbreak, this is a browser-based crack that grants root access and allows unsigned apps to run on the iPad (hence the speediness, no doubt). No word yet on a more user-friendly version of the hack (read: automated), but given the speed at which this initial feat was accomplished, it’s can’t be far behind.

A jailbreak was virtually expected following the iPad’s launch, but the rapid discovery has shown that the iPhone 3.2 firmware used on the device hasn’t patched all of the security holes that were present in the 3.1.3 code. Most jailbreaks to date have used vulnerabilities either in Safari or the OS itself to grant unrestricted access. The combination of the risk to users and Apple’s own general discouragement of jailbreaking has led to many of these jailbreaks being rendered inert over time with firmware updates.

Source: macnn.com

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