A New Generation Of iOS Integrated Board Games Available Form Hasbro zAPPed

For gamers who have a hard time when choosing between a rather solitary game on their iPads and a family fun with a traditional board game, zAPPed announced an intriguing solution: why not have both experiences with a single game? The company launched a special edition of Game of Life on February 10th which pairs with a specially designed iPad app that allows the Apple device to take the center stage and to coordinate al the fun.

The free app can be downloaded from iTunes. In addition, the game comes with capacitive plastic pads that offer new features allowing gamers to customize their game personae. The game is recommended for players with at least eight year old and maximum four gamers can play together at a time. In addition, the company prepares other classic board games, Monopoly and Battleship, for an upcoming release.

Eric Nyman, Global Brand Leader for Hasbro Gaming, didn’t spare proud words to describe the release. “Knowing that families are more attached than ever to their mobile devices, we wanted to revolutionize face-to-face gaming with our world famous brands and our proprietary technology to create a unique gaming experience,” he said at the launch.

According to the press release, The Game of Life, zAPPed edition, will be available on Amazon and ToysRUs official website for the $25 retail price. A week after the release date, which is on February 17th, the game will be available at a larger range of retail stores and the fun can spread.


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