Aatma Studio Imagines New Self-Destruct Feature In iPhone 5

Aatma Studio is known for shipping out some of the coolest iPhone concepts that we have known. While many of these may be well removed from the practical and real iPhone that we eventually get, they are fun to watch nonetheless. Now, the folks at the Studio have imagined a special feature in iPhone 5 in which Siri prompts the device to self-destruct.

The inspiration seems to have come straight from Mission Impossible where in the fourth release of the sequel, titled Ghost Protocol, we see Tom Cruise speak to his superiors via a phone booth where a screen self-destructs after serving the message.

Much in the same way, this concept shows that in a possible iPhone 5, say if you lose your iPhone and another person gets the device and he enters the wrong password three times in a row, Siri gets rather furious about it. Siri then states that due to wrong input, it is going to disable the device. Then the device cracks and becomes disabled.

Indeed if iPhone was to be a device used by one of the major spy agencies, it may have included such a feature. But alas, for the common users, we don’t think Apple will have any plans of implementing such a technology in the device.

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