Accidental Worldwide Launch Of iTunes Match By Apple, Charge Will Be Reimbursed

A number of reports floating on the internet are claiming that Apple had accidentally launched iTunes Match internationally. One particular report, citing a snapshot of response from Apple, states that the launch is not working for Apple users outsides of US and Brazil. And that customers in other parts of the world who have been charged for the service will be reimbursed.

iTunes Match is Apple’s cloud service for storing and streaming music online. For a yearly subscription, that of about $39.99 per year, the users can upload their music to Apple’s iCloud. Not only that, the users can stream music from the online collection of 20 millions songs, of excellent audio quality within this fee.

Mistaken launch in Europe?
When Apple launched iTunes Match, users from all around the world were able to register for the service. However, as it turns out, the service is limited to Brazil and US only for now. European users have been receiving apology emails from Apple stating that the service was currently unavailable and that they will be reimbursed the amount they paid for the service. One of these users posted a snapshot of this response mail on twitter:

The mail states that users who are not from Brazil or US won’t be able to use the iTunes Match service. Customers in Australia, Canada and UK were charged for the service when the signed up but eventually, they were sent apology mails by Apple and their money was reimbursed. It seems that Apple is trying to bring Brazilian users and users from other Latin countries on board iTunes Match on the earliest since the launch of iTunes Store in these regions happened a day or so ago and Apple might be simply trying to add an incentive for these new users.

Nonetheless, the worldwide launch, and a real one this time, is expected very soon.

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