Adobe Flash Media Server Coming To iPhone With HTTP Live Streaming

Adobe Systems Flash Media Server platform is poised to embrace new HTML5 capabilities that will enable content publishers to stream protected video Relevant Products/Services to more mobile devices, including Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. To make this happen, Adobe will add support for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

All this will happen through Adobe Flash Media Server that will be the tool for sending data to iOSdevices. In addition to this new possibility, Adobe has focused his work in seeking to optimize the video, saving in bandwidth consumption and improve performance.

Adobe writes on its website:

Adobe Flash Media Server 4 software provides powerful new delivery methods that can save significant bandwidth costs and lighten network load to help you deliver the best media experiences. Advances in integrated real-time communication open up new business opportunities. Improved performance and quality of service metrics enhance playback quality, while pre-built media players make using video for your business easier than ever.

Checkout the video below.


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