Alleged Google Maps For iOS 6 Photos Hit The Web

A few alleged photographs of Google Maps for iOS 6 hit the web earlier. Developer Ben Guild posted them to his personal blog with a few bullet points of what to expect upon a release. These photos aren’t very revealing to say the most, but at the very least they show major differences from the Google Maps interface on iOS 5.

Google Maps iOS 6

Ben Guild claims that Google Maps on iOS 6 are vector based and allow two-finger rotation at any angle. Also for iPhone 5 users, the application does include support for Apple’s 4-inch display and “it’s super fast.”

While these photographs cease excitement, at-least we know Google may be in the midst of developing a maps application for iOS 6. Apple Maps have turned out to be a complete disaster — depending on who you talk to. Eric Schimidt, executive chairman of Google, even said “We think it would have been better if they had kept ours,” in a statement about iOS 6 maps.

A release is likely on the horizon, but the question is when? Past statements have indicated Google’s goal of releasing an application before the end of 2012. Now we just have to hope Apple will accept the application, unlike the ‘Google Voice’ app that has been waiting over three-months for approval by Apple.

Source: 9to5mac

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  1. SanDiegoDude

    It seems like the only people who call Apple maps a “complete disaster” are bloggers and Android users. I’ve yet to meet an iPhone user on iOS 6 who think Apple Maps are a problem. The blogosphere just keeps hoping for another ‘Antennagate’ and they keep trying to tell the world how awful Apple Maps are… In all reality, they work just fine.

  2. RyanStOnge

    I haven’t found them to be an issue, as expressed in past posts. But the issue has even extended out of the blogosphere. I’ve seen some sites hosting polls about iOS 6 Maps and the result was split. Maybe bloggers are just rubbing off on these users?

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