Amazing Offer:AT&T Will Sell iPhone 3GS for Just $49

If you are waiting to buy an iPhone then here is a good news for you.Now you can buy your desire iPhone 3GS for $49 USD only from AT&T.AT&T has just announced that they are going to sell iPhone 3GS at a price of $49 USD from 7th January, 2011 i.e from today onwards.The iPhone 3GS, which was first made available in 2009, had its price slashed to $99 last year but now you can get it for only $49 USD.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.The iPhone 3GS lacks some of the refinements that consumers can find in the iPhone 4, such as a Retina Display, FaceTime video chatting, and an improved design. The iPhone 3GS does run iOS 4 and comes with either a black or white back plate, making it a fine alternative to the iPhone 4 for those who don’t need the new features.

If you want one for $49, you will have to hunt down to a local AT&T store to grab one for the half price.


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