Android Coming to iPod touch 4G

By OpeniBoot you can run Google Android OS on Your iPod touch 4G soon.OpeniBoot gets its way to iPod touch 4G and this can run Android 2.2 Froyo or Android 3.0 Gingerbread to Apple devices……

Hacker Liam McLoughin, who is popular for Hexxeh! username, has announced via his Twitter account that he has managed to run OpeniBoot on iPod Touch 4G. OpeniBoot is an open source version of iBoot. The software allows Apple mobile devices including iPhone and iPod Touch to run external operating system including Android.Once openiBook gets its way to iPod Touch 4G, it won’t take that long for Android versions including Android 2.2 [Froyo] or Android 3.0 [Gingerbread] to come to Apple devices.


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  1. Alex LaFroscia

    It’s funny how the picture there is of a iPod Touch that doesn’t exist… Why wouldn’t they use a picture of the real one?

  2. Rohan

    It’s a 4th gen

  3. Morphine813

    Yea that’s the new itouch 4h gen

  4. Anonymous

    Android 2.3 is gingerbread. 3.0 is Honeycomb. Fail.

  5. Anonymous

    Not the new iPod touch guys.

  6. Geoff Gohlke

    Its even funnier that this person keeps saying android 3.0 is gingerbread… 3.0 is honeycomb and its only made for tablets. Android 2.3 is gingerbread.

  7. D!

    Any update

  8. Napimp

    When’s this being released?

  9. Junior

    You spelled Openiboot wrong.

    “including Android.Once openiBook gets its way to iPod Touch”

  10. Junior

    You spelled Openiboot wrong.

    “including Android.Once openiBook gets its way to iPod Touch”

  11. Crunchtharobot

    Wow! What a keen idea ! Now I can run an inferior OS on my iPod. Positively genius !

  12. Newngland

    It could possibly be a prototype

  13. marlon006

    android 3.0 isn’t gingerbread it’s honeycomb and only for tab so i think 3.0 (honeycomb) will be released to iPad only altough android 2.3.3 (gingerbread) might be coming to ipod although android 4.0 might be to slow

  14. Marlon006

    and besides the foto isn’t an ipod touch 4 cause the camera would be on the left
    and also not an ipod touch 3 cause it even haven’t a cam EPIC-fail

  15. C3sarchavz

    This BULL SHH
    They said this last year but nothing

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