Apperian Announces First Administrative Remote Control For iPhone and iPad

Apperian, an enterprise mobile application management company, has announced its latest addition, “Remote Control for iOS.” It’s described as the first solution allowing companies to remotely view and interact with the iOS devices of employees.

Apperian Remote

This remote control solution designed by Apperian is capable of working over the cellular and Wi-Fi network. Users are allowed to set app-privacy settings — meaning IT Admins won’t be able to view specific iOS applications remotely.

“Remote Control will help businesses troubleshoot iOS device problems quickly and efficiently, regardless of the employee’s location, ensuring that remote workers have the best possible experience,” describes Apperian.

Apperian has high-hopes that its remote control for iOS application will blow over huge with companies looking for a way to interact with employees remotely on a day-to-day basis. This will work with iOS 5 and iOS 6, including the iPhone and iPad.

An official release date for the remote control hasn’t been announced, however Apperian allows users to schedule free demos. In addition, a webinar is scheduled for October 24th. A full press release was released by Apperian and can be read here.

Source: 9to5mac

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