Apple Admits Its iMessage Has Problem, Promises To Fix Soon

Last Tuesday, Apple admitted that its iMessage service has got some issues for which many users are unable to send messages. However, now the company has promised that it would fix the issues in next iOS 7 update.


Last month, Apple updated iOS 7 and since then a small number of users complained that they were unable to send message via iMessage. The problem still exists in iOS 7. However,  The issue is when iOS 7 users try to send message to somebody, the blue progress bar gets stuck just before completion, and it remains there until the users reset iMessage, settings, or turn their phone on and off. Moreover, there’s no feedback to let users know there’s a problem unless they’re in the relevant conversation within the Messages app.

However, Apple has claimed that the issue only affects a “fraction of a percent” of iMessages users. To pacify the iOS 7 users, Apple has mentioned that it would fix the issue “soon.”

Source: Apple Insider

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