Apple Blocked The Remote IMEI Unlocking Solution of iPhone 4

Last week many sites were claiming to unlock the iPhone remotely through IMEI number. The websites which offer remote IMEI unlock could not guarantee permanent unlock to users as promised. Veeence,of iPhone dev team confirms that Apple has the fixed the hole of their system which allows user to make requests for unlocks.

He tweeted:

From his tweet:

Time is up! Apple closed the hole for these official unlock requests (probably fired the employee). Don’t get scammed

He further tweets that:

Apple might relock your IMEI. Make sure you back up your activation token w/ SAM to stay unlocked in future. Important!

However, there are no reports till now regarding Apple blacklisting IMEI and relocking the phone.
@veeence is there any precedent of Apple blacklisting IMEI and relocking the phone?
@hsardaryan no reports yet.


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  2. www.gsmegypt

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  3. Anonymous

    Apply has the power to do all of this but they can’t help me and everyone else do anything about our Stolen Iphones, People are getting beat up and hurt and apple still lives on greed.. What a shame..

  4. john

    This is not true i got my phone unlocked at proof below
    IMEI: 013007009908328Serial: C39GNQLKDTD0Limited Warranty: 2011-11-05 / 2012-11-08Sold to country: United StatesCarrier: Not availableSIM-Lock Status: Unlocked Done

  5. Pascal Smeets

    This story is not correct. i can confirm this works!
    This unlocked my in-contract iPhone 4 iOS 5.1 which has been sitting on my desk since there was no unlock available.

    I decided to take the plunge as there really was not anything to lose.
    I ordered the unlock here
    paid $130 for the AT&T unlock, and waited ( and waited)for 13 days.
    then the message popped in my inbox saying my phone was unlocked.

    Im now enjoying a permanent factory unlocked iPhone that i can feed any simcard. Plus no more worries about iOS updates 🙂

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