Apple Hasn’t Blocks Amazon to Prevent Saurik SHSH Servers From Accessing Apple’s Website [Fake]

@Chpwn has just tweeted that Apple, in an attempt to stop the backing up of SHSH blobs (used for things like downgrading and restoring), has blocked Amazon’s datacentre from accessing their SHSH servers. But @saurik has posted an update to his Twitter account that the SHSH saving issue was actually a coding SNAFU and not Apple blocking access to his servers.

Here’s what Saurik has tweeted:

@sauri: My SHSH proxy (which has never been run off of EC2) had a simple code sync SNAFU keeping it from saving “new” blobs. icon sad Apple Blocks Sauriks SHSH Servers [Updated] This has been fixed.

You can also save your SHSH by using Tiny Umbrella.


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