Apple Introduces ‘Complete My Seasons Pass’ on iTunes

Apple had earlier offered a ‘Complete My Album’ feature on iTunes. This features allows a user, who has already purchased a music track on iTunes, to purchase the entire album which contains the song at discounted prices. Users had complained that no such offer existed for TV shows on iTunes. The good news is that Apple has finally introduced a similar offer ‘Complete My Seasons Pass’ for TV shows.

The ‘complete my seasons pass’ feature on iTunes allows you to purchase an entire season at a discounted price if you have purchased an episode or more episodes of that season already. This feature is very useful because a user may have purchased one or more episodes of a season earlier and now wants to see the rest of the episodes by purchasing the album. So if he’s charged the full, standard price, he has to pay again for the episodes which he has purchased and watched already. In this way, he pays twice for the same content.

But with the feature, this has changed. You pay only once for a certain episode of a TV show and if you purchase the entire season containing that episode at iTunes Store, you will be given a discount that reflects the price of the episode your purchased earlier.

Image courtesy Dimitri Hon.
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