Apple May Abandon iPhone 5, Focus On Low-Cost Models

Every time Apple launches a new iPhone model, it keeps only two earlier-generation models of the handset and abandons any older versions. However, it is being reported that with the launch of iPhone 5S, Apple will abandon all previous handsets and will focus on low-cost versions of 5S.

iPhone 5

Typically, Apple keeps selling older iPhone models so that it can stay relevant in the mid-range smartphone market. For instance, when the company launched iPhone 5, it also kept selling iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. To entice the customers and expand its user base, Apple trimmed down the price of iPhone 4S to $99 with a contract, and that of iPhone 4 to $0, when sold with a contract.

Such lucrative deals which let you have an iPhone for free, even when its an older model, has kept Apple relevant in the mid-range smartphone market. However, things may change with the upcoming iPhone model, touted by many unconfirmed sources as iPhone 5S.

We have been hearing reports for a while that Apple may also launch low-cost models of the handset, alongside the actual iPhone 5S. If this happens, Apple will no longer need to keep selling any old iPhone models. Many reports confirm that this is precisely what Apple is planning.

As soon as iPhone 5S launches, Apple will also unveil many low-cost versions of the handset. These will carry much lower price tags so that they will be affordable even in the emerging markets. At the same time, Apple will abandon all previous versions of the smartphone. While so far this is only a rumor, it makes perfect sense for the company.

Courtesy: Mac Observer

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