Apple May Use Liquid Metal In The Next iPhone

There’s no end to human imagination and that is precisely why most of the rumors are so creative. While we get near the release of a next-generation iPhone, rumor has it that Apple will be using liquid metal in the device rather than the usual glass and material stuff. Liquid metal is said to be far more durable than the earlier material used for iPhone.

While neither Apple nor Samsung seem very inclined to take up any new material for their flagship smartphone devices, that is not to stop the rumor-mill. For instance, it was earlier stated that Samsung was going to use ceramic material in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III.

Now, we have been told that Apple will using a rather unique material known as ‘liquid metal’ for its next-generation iPhone. So what is more preferable about liquid metal? Well, it is much more light and thin than the material currently used in Apple’s smartphone. Moreover, liquid metal is also said to be able to endure external pressure and impacts without letting any significant damage to reach the device, which means that it is essentially more durable.

With Apple’s usual intents of making the design thinner over the iterations, it does seem plausible that Apple would go for such a material which would allow it to further trim down the thickness of an iPhone. Moreover, iPhone does need a kind of a make-over in its look and feel for Apple to continue with its wild success and liquid metal may just be the answer to it all.

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