Apple MobileME To Get Alternate Payment Methods

According to a Germany-based website MacNews, Apple’s most popular suit of web services MobileMe would face a major revamp in near future to introduce Apple’s new plans for alternate payment methods.

Rumors have swirled for months that the service is due to undergo a major revamp, spurred by an e-mail from Apple CEO Steve Jobs to a customer promising the service “will get better in 2011.”

The rumors have taken various forms, from making at least some version of the service available for free to adding a cloud-based “media locker” for a small fee — or changing, dropping or revamping existing services (which include website hosting, photo and video galleries, ad-free IMAP e-mail, account syncing, limited backup, equipment tracking, personal storage space and other features).

Apple has made its MobileME an online trail & free service which requires a credit card only for purchasing or renewal of the subscription. It means that the revamped and improved MobileMe is near to be revealed soon even in the next month.

The news enlightening addition of alternate payment methods in an advanced and well groomed MobileME also hints out towards another direction, Apple is certainly planning for switching of some free features of the MobileMe to paid ones.


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