Apple Offering iPhone For $350 While Unveiling iPhone 4S/iPhone 5 In The August

Apple selling a contract-free, $350 iPhone 3GS for the prepaid customer segment and the next iPhone, which may or may not feature a radical design will be coming out or announced by the end of summer, late August.AT&T began selling the iPhone 3GS for $99 with a two-year contract and the contract-free version of iPhone would appeal to consumers that are increasingly reluctant to commit to pricey and long-term agreements…………..


According to a new report coming out of BGR, the company might be planning to continue selling both current iPhone models, the iPhone 4 and a modified version of the 3GS, even after the next-generation iPhone is released. This new report is in line with a previous rumor that Apple could be working on a lower-end iPhone, aimed at gaining market share among people with lower budgets and in emerging markets, which could be sold for as little as $350, without a contract. It might still sound like a high price, but comparing to the current iPhone, which is selling for $600 and above without one, it’s still a good options for those who might not want to make monthly payments to one of the Apple-approved carriers. There is no indication that Apple is planning to discontinue the current iPhone, the iPhone 4, which suggest that it will be around for quite a long time, even along with a new model once we see it. It’s unclear what role the iPhone 4 will play in a three-tier product line, but the consensus is that it will be a mid-range phone priced somewhere between the 3GS and the next-generation iPhone, whether it’s sold as the 4S or 5. Previous rumors have indeed pointed to a possibility that Apple could sell a lower-end iPhone model, although there was no indication at the time that Apple would instead just keep the iPhone 3GS with a changed pricing model. Many predicted the death of the 2-year-old phone with the release of iOS 5, but despite previous indications, the new operating system was fully supported with with a nearly complete feature set on the old phone.



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