Apple Plans To Replace Google Maps On iOS With Its Own Maps This Year

It has been previously reported that Apple is working on a mapping solution of its own which it intends to offer to iOS users as an alternative to Google Maps. Some have speculated that Apple will be unveiling this solution in iOS 6 which Apple may announce during WWDC 2012. Now, Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple will launch this mapping solution in the later part of this year.

Apple has purchased more than one such companies which can greatly aid in the creation of 3D maps of its own. For instance, it acquired the 3D mapping firm called C3 Technologies last year.

According to WSJ, “Later this year, Apple is planning to oust Google Maps as the preloaded, default maps app from the iPhone and iPad and release a new mapping app that runs Apple’s own technology, according to current and former Apple employees.’

This is yet another attempt by Apple to reduce its reliance on Google and offer its own services to the users of its iOS devices, which now count in huge millions. Moreover, Apple will be encouraging the developers to use its mapping solution and embed it in their apps and search services.

The journal further states, “Apple could preview the new software, which will be part of its next mobile-operating system, as soon as next week at its annual developer conference in San Francisco, one person familiar with the plans says. Apple plans to encourage app developers to embed its maps inside their applications like social-networking and search services.”

Source: Wall Street Journal

Courtesy: Mac Rumors

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    I think Apple’s been wanting that to happen, to kick G out of their iOS

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